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Richard Murison on September 23 2019, 23:37
I live in Montreal, Canada. My line of the Murison family descends from Barbara Murison, sister of Prof. Alexander, Dr. John, and Rev. Dr. George. At age 17, before marrying one James Slorach she had a son, James, born out of wedlock, who took the surname Murison. We descend from this James Murison.

After Barbara married James Slorach, young James Murison was raised by his grandparents, Alexander and Elspet Murison. I'm guessing Slorach wanted nothing to do with him. Young James moved to Dundee, where he married Margaret Ann Simpson in 1883. They had 4 children, first in Dundee, and then in the Manchester area where we believe they spent the rest of their days.

Always interested to hear from potential distant relatives :)

Connor Murison on October 30 2018, 15:43
My pop’s dads name is Stanley John Murison he came from NSW and served in ww2 at Loveday internment camp I’m trying to find out any information I can thank you
Alice murrison on October 10 2016, 08:14
Hi im doing my family tree and cant find any information past my last traced ancestor Andrew Murrison born 1774 Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Scotland he married Susan Lawrence born 1777, as far as i know they had 3 children Christian Murrison, James Murrison and Mary Murrison
Fiona McRae on August 31 2016, 19:40
My grandmother was Margaret Ann Murison from New Pitsligo in Aberdeenshire, her father's name was David.
connie murison young on May 3 2016, 21:23
I am the Grand daughter of George Murison and Ann Kemp. I believe George had several siblings. Alexander, Christina Lena and James who all lived in the Udny Aberdeenshire area Scotland. Albert lived in Ellon, and Charlotte emigrated to Canada. Any info on family would be appreciated.
Anne Murison Trapp on May 3 2016, 17:27
I am the Grand daughter of George Murison born in Strathdon, married Ann Kemp. My father is James Murison and has a twin brother Sandy born Dec., 11,1923. They immigrated to Canada in 1947. Would appreciate any family history in the Strathdon area.
Jayde Rossiter on April 29 2016, 15:10
Hi There, I hope you can help me. I have recently started researching my family tree and I have hit a road block.

My great great grandfather was
Charles Albert (Alexander Baxter Aldridge) Murison DOB 1834 in Scotland.

Died in Somerset hospital in Cape Town, South Africa on 9 April 1924, and buried at Maitland Cemetary, Cape Town SA.

He was married to Elizabeth Wilhelmina Vauzer Staudt, DOB 6 June 1864, died in Woodstock, Cape Town SA 1929. She joined the Dutch reformed church on Sep 28 1874.

And their daughter, my great grandmother, Elizabeth Adelaide Mabel Murison, was born Sep 28 1890. She was baptized in Kimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa. She married my great grandfather Andrew Peter Johnson[/Anders Petter Sjöblom (Swedish Seaman)]. She died of Coronary Thrombosis on 12 Sep 1958.

My grandfather Anders Charles Murison Johnson was born 29 Sep 1919 in Cape Town, South Africa.

That's about all I know of my Murison heritage:(

fiona mclachlan nee MURISON on April 26 2016, 09:34
hi my father's name was Alfred Ross Murison from aberdeen. I have a partially completed family tree and would like to trace my cousins in canada and norway. I was born in glasgow to dad alfred and mum Helen nee Anderson. I am one of 8 children to helen and fred. Would love to have more info.
Sandra Lewis (nee Murison) on March 25 2016, 21:38
I am the daughter of Alexander David Murison born in Glasgow in 1932. His father was William Murison. I believe family came from New Deer Aberdeen. Hoping to do family tree very soon!
Alison on November 21 2015, 23:54
Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have slowly compiled a fair bit of information on the Murisons of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. My great-grandmother was Leslie Fraser Murison (1877-1855), married to James Mckenzie Young. Her parents were Alexander Murison (1840-1918) and Margaret Fraser. Alexander's parents, in turn, were George Murison (1804-1873) and Susan Burnett. George was a journeyman shoemaker and lived at 43 Frith Side Street in Fraserburgh in the 1861 Census. I'm not certain, but George's father, also named George, and Susan's mother, Anne Murison were likely related. So far, all ancestors have lived in Fraserburgh. Most of these families had many children, whose middle names beautifully echo the earlier family history. For example, my grandmother's full name was Susan Burnett Murison Young, and her sister was Martha Mackie Cooper Murison Young.

I'd love to learn more about a story I've heard that many years ago there were 3 Murison brothers. One became rich as a boat owner who delivered slaves from Africa to the new world. He died with no children so this "blood money" was to be inherited by the 2 remaining brothers (or nephews?). One refused the inheritance as it was immorally earned, and his branch, allegedly, became my ancestors - the "poor" Murisons!

Douglas Bothun on January 13 2015, 01:02
My grandfather was George Murison and was born in Pitslago in 1889. He immigrated to the USA in 1909. His father was Alexander Murison born in 1858. He was a shoemaker and a poet who wrote "Rosehearty Rhymes."Alexander's father was James Murison born in 1838 and married to Margaret Scott. James' father was also James, born in 1810 and married to Margaret Cruden. i am not able to trace ancestors past this point and would appreciate any possible assistance.
Douglas Bothun on October 31 2014, 00:48
Hello. I am the son of Lois Murison, daughter of George Murison, son of Alexander Murison of Rosehearty, Scotland. My grandfather came to San Francisco via Canada in 1909. I believe he stayed for a time with relatives in British Columbia. Any information on my family line would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Victoria Rutherford on July 16 2014, 02:17
By squatters I mean early landholders/farmers
Victoria Rutherford on July 15 2014, 15:12
Hi there, Looking for some information on NZ Murisons, namely William Dick Murison (my GGGF). Born in Alyth Forfarshire in 1837, possibly a son of James and Barbara Geddes. WD and his brother James came to Dunedin NZ as squatters and were very active in the community. If anyone can help me trace beyond this point it would be much appreciated!
Matthew on June 23 2014, 21:15
I'm Matthew Murison from Gauteng South Africa. Didn't know the name stretched so far around the globe!