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Carole Robinson on April 8 2014, 12:56
My Grandmother's name is Agnes Nessie Annie Murison and she was born December 3, 1895 in Newmacher Summerhill Scotland. Her parents were Archibald Murison and Jemina Littlejohn. She married my Grandfather Cecil Spurgeon Rhodes Phinnemore of Toronto and moved to Toronto Canada.
If anyone has any information about this family, I would so appreciate it.
Celine on July 28 2013, 22:57
Hi Raymond. I am one of Charles Albert murison's (SA 1834) great great grand daughters. If you email me, perhaps we can share information. Many thanks
Raymond on July 5 2013, 13:43
Hi Everyone. I am trying to find links to the Murison line in South Africa originating from Charles Albert Murison born in Scotland 1834. If anybody has any information it would really help me in my quest. Many Thanks
Josh Salter-Murison on June 27 2013, 23:19
I'm turning 18 in 3 days and I'm very interested in my family history. It's good to know there are murisons around the world. I love all the information this website gives me and love to know more fun facts about our family. Thank you.
Craig Smith on April 23 2013, 00:33
Just a note to Mardi Muirson from NZ: You are right about Murison being misspelled Muirson. Although he changed his name to Smith, my grandfather was born Murison - but on his marriage certificate it is spelled Muirson for both himself and his mother. It was only by stumbling on this site I guessed the spelling was really Murison.
gail (Website) on April 8 2013, 23:52
Re: Bruce Alexander Murrison Smith. My 4x gr parents were Arthur Murrison & Margaret Wallace. My 3x gr uncle was Alexander Murrison, 1812- 1880. I have more info on his familly....
gail (Website) on April 8 2013, 23:03
Hey LeeAnn, I have an Arthur Angus Murrison in my Fam tee. B 1888-1927, born in Scot & died in Ontario. His wifes name was Elizabeth Reid. He has links to Sth Africa... Just curious if this is the same person
Leigh Miller on April 6 2013, 18:28
Hi, from South Australia. Thank you for the website.

I have some some information for information for Christina Rees (Sep 7 2011).

My mother (Violet Mary Murison) saw the post from Christina and asked me to respond. My mother says "Stanley John Murison was my brother and he was born at Ethelton, South Australia. He married Melva Parr from Broken Hill. Stan died in 1956 and Melva then married James Norman Murison who was Stan's brother."

Apparently the second marriage could not be legally undertaken in SA at that time so James and Melva were married at Broken Hill as the marriage laws in that state were different.

Military Records for Stan show: Service Number - S43417, Place of enlistment - Alberton SA

It is thought that Stan was denied active service because of a heart condition and was assigned to a role as a guard at the Loveday Prisoner of War camp at Loveday in SA.

Stan worked as a boundary rider in outback Australia. At one stage he had a serious accident while repairing a fence and as a result required a blood transfusion which at the time was done person-to-person. Later in life he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

After he married Melva they moved to Broken Hill. In those days a person had to be a resident of Broken Hill before they could be employed in the town.

Jason on April 2 2013, 15:14
I'm a Murison from Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Please can you guys help me with info about the Murison's who came to this beautiful country.

Fiona Bailey (Murrison) on March 29 2013, 19:00
I was born in Glasgow 1947 imigrated to Canada in 1952 myZKIIEX father Ernest William Murrison born 1912 in Aberdeen, my grandfather James Murrison married Catherine Cruickshank. I was told that my grandfather added the r into his name.ZK
gail forsyth (Website) on December 23 2012, 01:39
hi all has anybody come across the names, Jane Murrison, born abt 1873 in aberdeen & her husband William forsyth born abt 1871 in dundee....
Mardi Muirson on November 4 2012, 10:22
Greetings from Christchurch, NZ! There is a family legend ('Down Under';) that there was an illegitimate birth of a Muirson with the father none other than Robert the Bruce! The names 'Murison' and 'Muirson' are easily mis-spelt, and so the Aus. & NZ Muirsons also understand that we're all from the same clan. Garth's father said the names were interchangeable, and also 'Morrison'. It's said to have been derived from 'Son of Muir'. Can anyone enlarge on this please?
Jackie Hamnett (nee Murison) on October 1 2012, 21:58
My Father was Robert Murison - he had 2 brothers (Hector and Walter) and one sister (Amy). Happy to share any info I know or to receive any about this branch of the family. As far as I know they all lived in Aberdeenshire (where I stsill live)
Dacota Babcock on September 12 2012, 14:59
I am the grandson of John Henry Murison, Descendant of Murice Murison. I have been looking for information on my grandfather's name for thirteen years and i am currently 19 years of age. Please allow me to see the family tree and anything related to our family.
Joe Murison on August 9 2012, 16:48
Great Site, I'm a Murison from Peterborough, Ontario. Great to see how far the name reachs!