Family tree

Click here for family tree updated 22 October 2013. The links above give you a single image of the tree.

The interactive family tree is still broken. Sorry! I need to rebuild the family free file.

The tree is large, so please follow the viewing tips below to help you.

Please contact me if you have any Murison family information especially if you have found a common link to this tree.

There is a link somewhere (albeit tenuous) in this family tree to a famous film star now deceased. Nested in the notes of one of the Murisons is a link to a scanned postcard with a photo of the star as a boy.

Clue:- Go to Dr Arthur A Murison(1881-1950) or contact me

...It's Peter Cushing Click here for postcard front.
Click here for postcard back.
TIPS for viewing Tree
- Maximise the Window that opens
- The whole tree can be viewed in the middle pane by using the scroll bars to navigate.
- Use the explore pane (TOP LEFT) to focus on individuals. Information on individuals when selected will be displayed in the window below this with additional links to more photos.
- You can restore the full tree by selecting family tree in the top left pane.
- You can resize the panes by dragging the borders
- You can zoom in & out with Ctrl+Mouse Roller.