Family tree

Click here for family tree (.jpg file) updated 4th Feb 2020 for some new interesting branches.
Keith Murison from Inverurie contacted me and is now placed on the tree and has helped fill out his branch.
Barbara Murison (b.1850-1925)----> Richard Murison (Montreal). This is a branch is close to my own and has some soap opera material with James Murison (father unknown) marrying the daughter of his grandmother's sister.
David Murison (1913-1997), who was the editor of the Scots National Dictionary has been placed in the tree with the information courtesy of Ronnie Anderson. Lynne Murison from Colorado, following her trip to New Deer, has now been placed and filled out another branch.

The links above give you a single image of the tree. I recommend that you save the jpg file locally so that you can view it with better zoom options over an internet browser.

The interactive family tree is broken. I am blaming my web host because the html file structure works locally in my PC. Trying to get a fix 2019:

Please contact me if you have any Murison family information especially if you have found a common link to this tree.

Test area
For Click here for interactive (read only) updated feb 2018.
Very small test map Click here for interactive Fails to open exported Htm structure.
For Click here for photo in files/docs folder updated Jan 2018. - can access something directly from the folder.