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Lee-Anne on January 4 2012, 00:15
Hi there,

Lee-Anne nee: Mur(r)ison. I too have some interesting information that I just found out today. My grandfather was Angus Arthur Murrison b. 1988 - 1927. Born in Aberdeen Scotland and died in Ontario, Canada. My dad was in-utero, just barely conceived when his dad, Arthur Angus Murrison, died of a heart attack. Contact me if you wish as I think I may have more interesting links I can share as to the Murison > South Africa correlation.

Gilda G Henney (neè Muris on October 31 2011, 14:29
Apparenty my great great grandfather, John Murison was a captain of a ship from Scotland, which came to South Africa - was married thrice or so, his 1st wife being a white lady and the last two were coloured wives, from whom we descend. Do not know much about my forefather. Names of his children in the "coloured" family were William, John (Jack), Andrew, Margaret. Anyone with more information.
Christina Rees on September 7 2011, 14:01
Hi, I found this site really interesting. We're South Australian and my mothers maiden name is Murison, and my pops, and his father was Stanley John Murison.. and they were born in Broken Hill, and worked in the mines there.. I dont know where we all fit in, but this is all very interesting to read about.
Sylvia Wray on August 3 2011, 19:45
I can help Bruce Alexander Murison Smith with his research, I am not a Murison but I did the research for my cousin who is part of this family, she is also descended from Arthur Murison and Margaret Wallace
Gail Murison Horton on August 1 2011, 10:56
My middle name is Murison and so is my mum Moria's. Mum lived in Strichen, Aberdeenshire before moving to Glasgow. Would love to hear from any Murison's I might be related to.
Bruce Alexander Murison Smith on July 27 2011, 11:35
I have now found answers to most the questions I posed on 11th March 2011. My 2xgt-grandfather, Alexander Murison was baptised in the Parish of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire in 1812. His parents, Arthur Murison and Margaret Wallace were both born and married in Cruden. After fathering my illegitimate great grandmother, Catherine, he married Elspet Collie in 1845. Through the Censuses I have been able to track his progress from 'Ag. Lab.', to 'Overseer' to 'Farm Manager' to ' Land Steward'. The latter on the Forse Estate in Caithness. He died in Aberdeen in 1880 and is buried in Alanvale Cemetery, Aberdeen. If anyone has further information about him or his family , I would be interested to hear of it.
debbie manning on July 26 2011, 11:40
I am a grandaughter of Charlotte Murison
(married David Stuart) who had 9 siblings from Scotland - Bert, Lena, William, Elizabeth, Polly, Chris, James, Alexander, and Gordie Murison. Their parents were - Elizabeth and William Murison. I believe Elizabeth maiden name was Hatt. Charlotte and David Stuart came to Canada from Scotland. I reside in Vermont and would love any information.
Brian Ronald Murison on May 8 2011, 02:21
Ex South African, now living in Canada.
bruce alexander murison smith on March 11 2011, 14:23
My Father was given the middle name Murison after his paternal grandmother, Catherine Murison born Cruden 1836. The O.P.R. reads 'Alexander Murison of Aldie had an illegitimate daughter born by Catherine Yule named Catherine'.The registration of Catherine Murison's marriage to John Smith in Peterhead in 1861 records her parents as 'Alexander Murison, farmer and Catherine Murison, m.s. Yule deceased'. I have not found any evidence that her parents ever did marry. Her death registration in Peterhead in 1904 states the same except Alexander Murison is now deceased and his occupation is recorded as 'Land Steward'. I have failed to find out more about Alexander Murison, his birth, parents or death. Does any Murison viewing or using this web-site have any information about him? If so I would be grateful to hear from them.
Kristin Murison on December 15 2010, 09:58
I am delighted upon finding this website. I had no idea there was a website dedicated to the history of my surname. This is so awesome. ^_^ I am Kristin Murison, daughter of George Murison who was the son of Richard Murison hailing from Brooklyn, New York. My grandfather served in the Navy. I never knew much about my family history, because my grandfather passed away before I was born. So, I find it very intriguing to be able to find out some facts about my surname. :) - Kristin Murison (age 19, location DE).

I am pleased the web site has made an impact on you. Please contact Kristin if you have any pertinent information to her branch of the Murison family line- DM

Lorraine W. Hales on December 10 2010, 22:23
I have a Christmas book "The Message of Peace" by Rev. Richard William Church published in Philadelphia in 1896 with an inscription "To Wm Murison with best Christmas wishes from M. A. Philip Christmas 1901" and a penciled note "In remembrance of Grandma Murison who died Sep 24th 1917. I would like to get it back to the family. Anyone out there who might claim it, please contact me. (801) 399-2366

I hope someone will claim this--DM

Gayle Barr on December 10 2010, 01:00
My grandfather was Murison Hastie (born 1899 in Aberdeen Scotland) and immigrated to Canada in 1914 with his parents and siblings.

His mother was Elizabeth Anne Innes Murison born 1870 in Pitsligo, Aberdeen. her father was James Mursion (b. 1835) son of James Murison (b. 1810 Pitsligo) Aberdeen, then Alexander b. 1785 Pitsligo Aberdeen also. This branch of the family stuck pretty close to Aberdeen until one of them immigrated to Canada.

Robert Murison on November 17 2010, 14:32
my middle names are James Ross, named after my grandfather, a watchmaker. I see that he is described in the attachment.

I live in Guelph Ontario. My father Robert Buchan, son of James Ross Murison, came to Canada in 1954 and passed away in 1983.

I must dig up an old newspaper article of my relative Alfred Murison the rector of Marr College - quite an amazing man.

Alistair J. Sinclair (Dr) on June 13 2010, 13:21
I have added a biography of Alexander Falconer Murison to the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia. I have used the portrait below and would like to have more information about it. Anyone who disapproves can edit that biography accordingly.

---Please leave your email address so I am able to contact you. DM

George Murison on May 20 2010, 05:05
William Murison left Aberdeenshire Scotland in 1856. He had three sons, James, John,