Alexander Murison (1815-1905)

b 16th Nov 1815

d. 10th feb 1905

Was a carpenter/master wright . Wrote the recollections that appear in appendix I of 'Memoirs of 88 Years'. Describes his grandfather, croft living conditions, weather etc.

16th Dec 1845 married Elspet Murison (Nee Murison!)-c1821-1913 father William Murison from Bridge-foot near Cairns of Memsie 3 miles from Fraserburgh - another tree!

In 1865 Alexander built Hope Cottage on 4.75 acres, 1mile form Brucklay station Lived Hope Cottage 1 mile from Brucklay cottage, Brucklay Aberdeenshire

Source: book 'memoirs of 88 years'

Turlundie Kirkyard,New Pitsligo Erected by ELSPET MURISON in memory of her husband ALEXANDER MURISON died 10th February 1905 aged 89 years and of her son WILLIAM died 14th October 1877 aged 29 years. Also her mother-in-law BARBARA FALCONER died 14th July 1872 aged 88 years. Also the above ELSPET MURISON died at Strichen 17th May 1913 in her 90th year.

Source John Shirron (Genes Reunited) .