'Selections for Paraphrasing' selected by W. Murison Senior English Master Aberdeen Grammar

Jan 2011:

An old academic textbook 'Selections for Paraphrasing' selected by William Murison (b.1863), MA Senior English Master in Aberdeen Grammar School has been found recently.

The book contains excerpts from shakespeare and a wide range of poets, including Lord Byron who was educated at the school around 1800. Lovely textbook, designed to prepare students for their 'Leaving Certificate'.

There is little internet reference to the book so it may be a rare book. It is likely to have historical significance for the school following the 1986 fire that destroyed the library which would have contained important historical texts (they refer to the loss of Byron's notebooks).

The book has been inscripted B Johnston. There was a rector, William Johnston 1987 - 2004. Perhaps a previous ownership connection there? There is also a little, pretty 'wedding gift' card that has been used as a bookmark. It has 'Printed in Australia' on the back.

The current owner is looking to offer the book back to Aberdeen Grammar. Contact me if you have an information or an interest in this book.